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We tell parents to reach for the stars when choosing child care for their young ones.

Step Up to Quality Certificate

Non Profit Status

In January of 2002, Fairfield Child Development Center was incorporated as a not-for-profit organization. This means that we do not make a profit and there are virtually no "owners." The school as an organization owns itself. It is operated by a governing board, which meets monthly. The preschool program here had been at another location for eighteen years and when the decision to move was made we had to choose between organizing as a "for-profit" or a "not-for-profit" corporation. The staff and organizers chose to be "not-for-profit" in order to keep the focus on the children and not the bottom line.

In the spring of 2002, parents, friends of the preschool and professionals spent many, many hours renovating this building to make it a safe and appropriate space for your children! In February of 2002, 149 children were enrolled at the Fairfield library - without a classroom or school building to visit. They registered because they had faith in our staff and determination to see this school happen.

FCDC was leasing the building with an option to purchase within the first four years for $275,000. Our dream was to purchase but how? The answer came when the building was appraised at $450,000 after the renovation was complete! This provided the needed down payment. As of October 2005, FCDC, Inc. owns the preschool building at 140 Donald Drive and the mortgage payments are the same as the lease payments would have been! However, we now have full responsibility for the upkeep of this building.

Throughout this process, the wonderful parents of so many children have been active in raising funds, organizing, planning, and hands-on help in making this wonderful school happen! Whenever we ask why so much has been accomplished, we answer because of the children. Fairfield Child Development Center came to be so that the children could have an excellent preschool experience in a safe and appropriate environment. Therefore, from time to time there will be parent-organized fund-raiser events. It is your choice whether or not to participate in any of these events.